Heat Waves

Benson & Hedges Pipe Tobacco and Drucquer & Sons Pipe

I do not like hot weather. When the mercury pushes close to body temperature, my icy heart begins to melt, and when it reaches the point where I break out in a sweat as a result of the strenuous act of sitting upright, I consider calling around to see if I can book time in […]

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Pipe Mysteries

Dunhill Lovet Pipes with Capstan and Westminster Tobaccos

Each month, my brain fabricates a few good ideas for this column, and a lot of silly ones. Usually, one of them sticks, and things just sort of flow from there. Sometimes, though, all those thought trains get derailed by some random preoccupation that takes hold with the tenacity of a terrier. This is one […]

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And Then There Were Three

Pipes by Ryan Alden, Bengt Carlson, and Jerry Zenn (Photo: G.L. Pease)

The late Bill Unger, long-time secretary/treasurer of the North American Society of Pipe Collectors and editor of the Pipe Collector newsletter, was often quoted as saying, “If you have one pipe, you’re a pipe smoker. If you have two pipes, you’re a collector.”  The question of what makes an aggregate of pipes an actual “collection” […]

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GBD Tobacco Made by Sobranie of London

Years ago a friend, knowing that I collect GBD pipes and related ephemera, gave me a lovely 7oz tin of GBD Black Cavendish Mixture, manufactured for them by Sobranie House. I’d never seen this tobacco, so it was certainly a welcome addition to the collection. The tin had been opened for some unknown length of […]

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It started out like any other day, then the world changed. I woke up, made my morning espresso, waited for the fog to clear, and set about my affairs. Part of my morning routine usually involves a pipe, of course, so I trundled into the office, chose a pipe, and grabbed the tin of tobacco […]

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Rediscovering The Why

Pease's Paolo Becker Olifant Pipe

Why do you smoke a pipe? We all have stories to tell about what set us along this crazy path, but those stories are too often lost in time, even to ourselves. Pipes and pipe smoking have held a deep fascination for me for many years, but I have felt, recently, a bit like a […]

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Give it a Rest

Nate King Cutty Pipe

Something somewhat out of character has been afoot in the House of Pease. For more than  a week, I have been smoking the same pipe every day, sometimes twice. What’s the big deal? Lots of people do that. I’ve always been a rather outspoken advocate for the “Well Rested Pipe,” and I don’t mean just […]

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The One that Got Away

Nearly forty years have passed since I produced my first commercial tobacco blend. It feels like yesterday. It also feels like a lifetime ago. I’d been working part-time at Drucquer & Sons, a well established Berkeley institution with a long and fascinating history. I sort of fell into the job by virtue of the fact […]

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Confessions of a Coffee Drinker

Cutty Pipe and Classic Stovetop Espresso Maker

I love coffee. I always have. Even as a child, coffee had a strange attraction for me. Though I wasn’t allowed more than a sip or two for fear that it would stunt my growth, something which clearly did not occur, I loved everything about it. I can easily recall trips to our local java […]

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How Does it Smoke?

Dr. Grabow Commodore Pipe

Between computer failures requiring the replacement of hardware, accompanied by the expected concomitant grumbling, combined with an attack on my otherwise healthy body by a virus of unknown origin, I’ve spent the last several days being, shall we just say, grouchy. Now that the computer problems are mostly behind me, and my own hardware is […]

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