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By Bob Tate


The tin aroma of this blend is a nice sweet and tangy tobacco smell. The tanginess hits my nose with some strength and starts my mouth to watering. The moisture of this tobacco was perfect for smoking right away with no drying time needed. This tobacco comes in a pressed cake form. I used a really sharp knife and cut off slices of the brick (Fig. 1) across the grain. Once the slices were cut, the tobacco basically crumbled apart and I only needed to lightly rub out some of the larger chunks (Fig. 2).

I loaded the pipe using the Three Step Method and proceeded to the charring light. On the charring light, I was greeted by a nice sweet aroma. The flavor was a nice straight forward tobacco taste with a light underlying sweetness. I finished lighting the tobacco and settled in for a nice relaxing smoke.

From the beginning of the bowl, there was a nice straight forward tobacco taste with hints of sweetness accompanied by a light tanginess. The flavor profile stayed the same from the beginning through the end. This is a one dimensional smoke, but it is very good. The only change was with the strength of the tobacco. It got a little stronger as the bowl progressed.

I normally don’t mention anything about the ash of a blend in my reviews, but this is one time that I thought that I should. The ash burns down to a light gray, powdery type of ash that gets pretty dense. In larger bowls, I had to dump some of the ash to keep a good burn going. The ash was so powdery and dense that it was smothering the burning tobacco. This happened about mid-bowl and once again towards the end. This is not a bad thing. I am just letting all of you know about it so that you can be prepared for it and not think that this blend is hard to keep lit, which it is not.

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This is a great blend and I love it! It smoked cool, dry, and didn’t bite. This would be a good blend to enjoy with a book or movie. It has a good flavor that you don’t have to focus on for flavor nuances. You will taste it without paying much attention to the blend. It does get a little strong at times and for some people, it is quite strong. So if you are looking for a straight forward tobacco blend that packs some Oomph to it, I think that Night Train will fit the bill nicely. I Highly Recommend it!

Fig. 1
Fig. 1

Fig. 2
Fig. 2


Brand: Cornell & Diehl
Blend: #417P Night Train
Description: Bright Virginia ribbon, bright Virginia flake, Cavendish Cut brown Virginia Burley and Perique combine to form a smoke as smooth as a train gliding effortlessly through the late night hours.
Country: US
Cut: Pressed Cake
Tobaccos: Virginia, Burley, Perique
Strength: Medium – Full
Taste: Tobacco, Light Sweetness, Light Tanginess
Room Note: Pleasant to Tolerable

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Cornell & Diehl #417P Night Train – Click Here to Order Now!


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