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By Bob Tate

Carter Hall Pipe Tobacco Pouch 01

Upon opening the pouch, I was quite surprised. I was expecting a straight burley tobacco with no aroma other than a tobacco smell. It had an aroma, which to me, smelled like wine. It was not a bad thing, just unexpected. Actually, it was quite pleasant and I kind of like it. The moisture level was perfect right out of the pouch and required no drying time at all before smoking.

This is a ribbon cut mixture and is easily packed. I used a 2 step packing method and proceeded with the charring light. It lit very easily and I am greeted with a nice, sweet aroma and taste. There is a little of the wine taste that is not unpleasant. I settle back for the smoke with higher hopes than when I purchased the tobacco. Nothing against Carter Hall, but I have been burned (in more ways than one) by drugstore blends before.

The lightly sweet wine taste fleeted in and out during the first half of the bowl. It tasted pretty nice and was not overpowering. I am a little confused by this because I have never heard or read of this flavor or aroma by anyone who has smoked Carter Hall. There was also a slight nuttiness that intermingled with the sweet wine taste. The second half of the bowl produced a more straight tobacco taste with a little bit of the nuttiness poking in and out. This tobacco never bit, even when I pushed it.

All in all, this was a pretty decent tobacco. It was not mind blowing but it was not horrible either. It is not very complex, so you don’t have to pay a lot of attention to it. It burned pretty well and didn’t require a lot of attention to keep it going. I guess you could kind of call this a comfort blend, a blend where you don’t have to pay much attention to it and puff away while doing something else or when you just want to relax with a blend that is simple. I don’t regret buying this and I have actually smoked a few bowls of it already. It is one of the better drugstore blends that I have tried. I am pleasantly surprised by this blend and Recommend giving it a try.

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Carter Hall Pipe Tobacco Pouch 02 Carter Hall Pipe Tobacco


Brand: John Middleton, Inc
Blend: Carter Hall
Description: A distinguished tobacco mixture.
Country: US
Cut: Ribbon
Tobaccos: Burley
Strength: Mild
Taste: Slightly sweet and slightly fruity at the beginning then switches to a nutty tobacco taste
Room Note: Pleasant

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Carter Hall Pipe Tobacco Pouch 01

Carter Hall – Click Here to Order Now!

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