Pipe Smoking – Quick Easy and Inexpensive

All year I have been hearing that pipe smoking is realizing a resurgence. Articles, news stories and even government statistics point to increased sales in pipe tobacco. I was wondering why, and after perusing many stories on this there were two main reasons cited; 1) the economic and political turmoil in today’s world has people searching for comfort in things that remind them of simpler, happier times … picture a "Father Knows Best type figure", and 2) they say that pipe smoking is a cheaper alternative to other forms of smoking … again a symptom of the bad world economy. Personally I laughed at this because you can’t prove that pipe smoking is cheaper by me. Every time I pass a tobacconist I have to stop in and buy a pipe. However, Bob Tate has done a fine job with his piece, "Pipes: They’re Not Just for the Wealthy".

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