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Balkan Sasieni Pipe Tobacco Review

Balkan Sasieni is kind of an almost famous tobacco … sort of. It’s name implies (and many have suggested, and others have disagreed) that it may be a substitute for the long gone, legendary Balkan Sobranie. I can’t tell you if it is, as I never had the opportunity to smoke Balkan Sobranie. Who cares!?! […]

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G.L. Pease Chelsea Morning Pipe Tobacco Review

As soon as I open the tin, put my nose inside and inhale deeply, a smile lights up across my face. The delicious smoky Cyprian Latakia comes out first followed by the sweet Virginias. Then, once I realize there are Oriental tobaccos from reading the tin label, I can detect their special nuance that mingles […]

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Cornell & Diehl Tuskegee Airman Pipe Tobacco Review

In a word – WOW! I suggest you go out and buy as much as you can of Cornell & Diehl’s Tuskegee Airman right now. This is one of the best English blends I have ever smoked and I am going to try to buy all of it for myself. I just rented a U-Haul […]

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