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A True Halloween Horror Story: The End of Latakia

Latakia After & Before

T’was the night before Halloween and all through the flat, not a creature was stirring, not even a bat. The treat bags were hung, by the doorway with care, in hopes that good neighbors wouldput candy in there. The children were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of peanut butter cups danced in […]

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Peterson Nightcap Tobacco Review

Nightcap Tobacco

Nothing is normal in the year of 2020.  With that, it’s time for a re-revival of a once-popular Dunhill-branded pipe tobacco, one I am fairly fond of, Nightcap.  The sad part is, Nightcap under Dunhill doesn’t exist anymore.  After decades of being handled by Murray’s after some back-and-forth by Dunhill itself, Scandinavian Tobacco Group (or […]

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Lovin’ Latakia

By Russ Ouellette In the last go-round, I blathered on about one of my favorite tobaccos-Perique. This time, I’m going to address my first pipe related love, Latakia. When I was small enough that I could just reach the top of the end table in the living room, I fell in love with Latakia because […]

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G.L. Pease Maltese Falcon Pipe Tobacco Review

I want to thank the guy that gave me some Maltese Falcon to try at the 2009 Chicago Pipe Show. I don’t remember his name, but Maltese Falcon has become one of my favorite pipe tobacco blends. I have been smoking it for the last three days straight and I am not tired of it […]

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Samuel Gawith Commonwealth Pipe Tobacco Review

I’ve heard of aged tobacco, but 200 years old is really getting up there. Ok, the tobacco isn’t really that old, but Samuel Gawith’s Commonwealth Mixture is a Bicentenarian – meaning this pipe tobacco blend has been around for 200 years. I’m not surprised it’s lasted that long as it is one of the best […]

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Pipe Tobacco – it’s not all the same

So you’ve been thinking of trying a pipe but you’re not sure of which tobacco to try? Perhaps it’s time to stop pondering which tobacco to use and just take the plunge and buy something that the tobacco store clerk recommends. You see the fact is that the type of tobacco that a pipe smoker […]

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