Mac Baren HH Rustica Review

Mac Baren HH Rustica

Let’s take a break from the world’s nonsense for a moment, because something more important is happening.  Allow me to elaborate: When I first heard about Mac Baren’s HH Bold Kentucky being released, I was working as a tobacconist at the local Tinder Box.  I picked up the phone and dialed my rep and I […]

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Mac Baren Club Blend Pipe Tobacco Review

If you’re feeling nostalgic or old-fashioned, then pull out a tin of Mac Baren Club Blend. This tobacco was introduced in 1955, and it can bring you right back there with it’s traditional aroma, taste, and it’s roll-cake style and presentation. The tobacco is spun to create rolls which are then cut into thin slices. […]

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Mac Baren HH Vintage Syrian Pipe Tobacco Review

Don’t let the name put you off this blend of tobacco. While Latakia is the major component of this blend it’s less than half of the volume and the Kentucky and Virginia components go a long way to making this a very acceptable smoke and one that I really like. For some seasoned pipe smokers […]

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