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Cousin’s Cigar (St Clair Ave)

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(216) 781-9390

Cousin's Cigar (St Clair Ave)

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1421 St. Clair Ave.; Cleveland; OH 44111


While primarily a cigar shop, Cousins is the "go to" place if you are in downtown Cleveland for business or pleasure. If you are visiting town, Cousin's is easily reachable via trolly, or bus and there is ample parking available in the area. They carry some of the more well known brands of pipe tobacco and welcome pipe smokers to the lounge.

Chris Streeper | April 7, 2022

This primarily a cigar shop and, a top notch one at that. Tobaccos and pipe selection are spotty but, there is enough selection to make a trip worthwhile. Comfortable smoking lounge and Sam is worth the trip alone. Metered parking in front and right on the Trolly line for downtown visitors.

mikestanley | December 13, 2021

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