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Stag Tobacconist

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Cigars, pipes, and tobacco in a spacious shop. Large walk in humidor. Nice comfortable lounge. Located in Pinnacle of Scottsdale.

Business Address:
23535 N Scottsdale Rd #104
Scottsdale, AZ 85255


Used to visit their Dunlap store which has since been closed-Jan2022.
Beautiful store, their staff is exceptionally versed in pipes and tobaccos. Engaging and very exciting walk in humidor!
I don’t really enjoy their tobaccos. They lack a robust or a captivating room note, and the tins all sorta smell like the other without distinct changes in aromas to their house blends. I did enjoy one which is their Black Stagg blend. Sweet figgy taste and room note but still not a very overwhelming blend. Amazing storefront, great merchandise and tin product variety.

Will | May 1, 2022

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