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Tobacco Cove

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Tobacco Cove

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3849 Baymeadows Road; Jacksonville; FL 32217


Note: On Google this location is known as Tobacco Cove East. There is another location called Tobacco Cove West that also sells the same items, but their pipe tobacco blends are different and they don't allow smoking inside I believe. Tobacco Cove East you can smoke inside.

On point, this location will be the Pipe Shop of Jacksonville, FL. Due to the infamous 85% warehouse tax on Pipe Tobacco in FL, the store will only sell pipe tobacco in jars from bulk (this means no tins). The House Blends in the jars are not bad at all. I enjoy the Black Dundee (black cavendish light aromatic blend, and I'm not normally a fan of aromatic blends) and the Prime Minister (English blend medium flavor profile). Bulk stuff most likely is from Lanes and the other major bulk sellers of pipe tobacco. Keep in mind some of the House Blends are blended from different tobaccos bulks, so it isn't all just dump a bulk and sell it from a jar.

They have all the accessories you need for your Pipe, including filters if you are into that with your Pipe. The store also can require and order bits for your Pipes if needed. Store normally have about 50ish or more Pipes to buy. New pipes they sell will be from Wiley Pipes/Scalvini/Peterson (and others that I forgot from the top of my head), and even have Estate pipes plus Meershaum Pipes. They do buy used Pipes.

Great place to visit if you are new to Pipes. Good place to visit to buy new pipes, get your accessories, and a House Blend here and there. Experienced users may not have a reason to visit if you have all the Pipes you own and get all of your blends/accessories online. The majority of the business the store does is on cigars. In my opinion the store has the best selection of Cigars in boxes and in singles in Jacksonville. This is a "local's local shop," not for the high roller stereotypes or the night life crowd. They have chairs where you can sit down and smoke and talk to the regulars in the shop (most do cigars but a good bit of the regulars smoke their pipes). Store does do Cigar Events.

If coming in to buy a Pipe or are new, speak with Tom the owner. Normally his helper works on the weekends and is not 100% knowledgeable on Pipes (but very knowledgeable on Cigars since that's the store's bread and butter). However, the helper is learning more about things from the owner (since Tom is normally not in on the weekends). Gus is the former owner of the store and he still hangs out time to time, nice guy.

Even as an Experience Pipe Smoker I enjoy my visits to Tobacco Cove. I need my Pipe gear to be stock with cleaners, hang out with some people, get new pipes, and when I feel like it get a House Blend (even with me having tins up the butt in my closet, I still like some of their House Blends).

YMO | November 30, 2020

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